Watch Outtakes of Amy Poehler Channeling Judge Judy for Old Navy

The 'Parks and Recreation' Star Is Not Some Dummy, Alright?!

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Sep 17, 2014

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A new Old Navy ad starring Amy Poehler debuts on TV tonight, and we've got some very funny outtakes to share in advance. In the spot, part of a popular continuing campaign that debuted in the spring, the "Parks and Recreation" star plays a judge. Sometimes the judge is kind of Amy Poehler-ish ... and other times she might just remind you of Judge Judy -- especially when a Judge Judy-esque wig is involved.

A rep for the agency on the campaign, Chandelier Creative, tells Creativity that as a courtesy to Judge Judy (it's not a good idea to piss off Judge Judy!), they ran the footage past her; Judge Judy proclaimed the impersonation to be "absolutely adorable" and gave her blessing.

UPDATE: Watch the final broadcast cut of the commercial here.