Tables Are Turned: This Book Cover Judges You

Art Directors Club of the Netherlands' Annual Creates a Cover That Assesses You

Published On
Feb 04, 2015

Editor's Pick

They say never judge a book by its cover. But this clever book cover will judge you. Created by Amsterdam agency Moore as a prototype for the Art Directors Club of the Netherlands' 2015 Annual, it actually assesses you, the reader, to see if you're opening it without prejudice.

Designed by Thijs Biersteker, an ex-Wieden & Kennedy creative who founded Moore, The Cover That Judges You has an integrated camera and facial-recognition technology that scans the face of whoever approaches. The system will scan your face for any signs of "judgment." So, for example, if you are over-excited or your face indicates feelings of skepticism, the book cover stays locked. But if your expressions are neutral, the system will send an audio pulse to the Arduino micro-controller and the book will unlock itself. The reader can then browse inside the book.

It all works by having the camera positioned at the top of the cover, above a screen that feeds back the image when it detects a face in close proximity. Abstracted facial features that form the shape of the screen allow the prospective user to line up his or her eyes, nose and mouth in the optimum position. Once the correct alignment is obtained, the screen turns green and a signal is sent to the Arduino board that opens the chunky metal lock.