Crack the U.S. Open With Heineken's Instagram Puzzles

Follow the Instagram Account and Sift Through a Giant Panorama to Win Tickets

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Aug 30, 2013
Crack the U.S. Open

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Wieden & Kennedy New York is invited tennis-lovers to "crack the U.S. open," with an Instagram-based contest and treasure hunt that might just win you a couple of tickets to the 2013 U.S. Open.

The contest asks you to get onto @Crack_the_US_Open Instagram account on Sept. 3, then turn your phone on its side to see a giant, panoramic view of the stadium, created by stitching together multiple images (by Art Streiber.) Then, you have to search clues in the captions, with the first clue being share on the @Heineken_US Instagram and Twitter accounts. Follow the clues, find the correct photo and enter the "codeword" in the comments. The first comment wins two tickets the Men's Final.

it's a clever use of Instagram by a brand that has been encouraging spotanaeity and adventure in its messaging through Wieden for a while now.