A Man's Social Media Post May Have Spoiled Crayola's Retirement Surprise

Seems the 'Adventurous' Color Had a Bit of Wanderlust

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Mar 30, 2017

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A day in advance, we've found out which color will be retiring from Crayon's 24-crayon pack: Dandelion.

Earlier this week, Crayola announced that it would be putting to rest one of its classic hues, to be revealed tomorrow, March 31, on National Crayon Day. But the brand is making it seem as if the retiring color was going "rogue" in a Twitter announcement featuring the above video.

The post reads: "Our beloved Dandelion decided to announce his retirement early! There's no taming an adventurous spirit!"

In the film, we discover that Dandelion is a guy who likes to go by "Dan," a polyglot, a world traveler, a treasure finder and beast tamer. "But I think retirement's going to be my wildest adventure yet," he bellows.

Tomorrow, the brand will be holding an event in New York's Times Square, likely near a giant box of crayons that debuted alongside the original announcement. It's then that Crayola will celebrate Dandelion's sign-off and reveal the color "family" of the new addition.

But perhaps, it's not Dandelion's adventurous spirit that prompted the early reveal. A man named Frank Hegyi had spotted a telling 120-count box on the shelf of a Target store, which announced "Dandelion is retiring," and the new color will be a shade of blue.