Durex : Creamy

How dirty can it get?

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Apr 10, 2012

Editor's Pick

Test out how dirty your imagination is with these hilarious virals from Buzzman and Durex Middle East. Four viral videos were placed on DailyMotion with suggestive titles -- like "creamy" and "Too Big for Her," with suggestive wordplay and visuals indicating that these were about sex. Admit it -- that's what got you to click on these.

Buzzman started the work with the insight that sex-related videos are the ones most people click on. But the outcome s quite different from what you thought. Clever idea and clever direction from Les Uns. Some of the videos are in Lebanese, but then again, this isn't really about the language, is it?

The idea is a bit similar to the work from Amour from Dare Vancouver, where the adult film channel began each ad with a typical scene from a pornographic movie... which then ended by being quite innocent.