Creative Director, Are You a Douchebag?

This Handy Online Analyzer Will Let You Know

Published On
Feb 25, 2015

Editor's Pick

Creative director, are you a douchebag? Perhaps, over the years, you've become so absorbed in the work, the industry and yourself that you've lost sight of what it is to be a normal person. Find out if you're suffering from a case of severe douchebaggery with this handy site, Creative Director Douchebag Detector Device.

It allows you to plug in various characteristics about yourself -- such as where you display your awards hardware, your favorite buzzwords, what kind of facial hair you sport and what sign-off you have on your smartphone -- to determine if you're a verifiable jerk.

It's not just for CDs of course. Art directors, copywriters and even clients will find it handy to see if their creative directors are contributing to their miserable lives.

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