The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about now

Another ballsy BK move, the sound of lightbulbs, extremely expensive budget shoes and more

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Dec 10, 2018

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about now.

5. Philips: 'The Philips Instrument', Massive Music
Technology company Philips, best known in the heathcare and lighting space, put its signature product, the light bulb at the center of its new branding. But the focus here isn't visual—it's on sound. With Massive Music, Philips created the Philips Instrument, which integrates noises from light bulbs and the human body to create the company's new mnemonic as well as its sonic branding across all platforms.


4. Burger King: 'Whopper Detour', GFCB New York
Burger King recently offered consumers an amazing deal--one-cent Whoppers. But they could only claim it through the brand's mobile app—and when they were inside, or in the vicinity of the brand's biggest competitor, McDonald's.


3. Lyft: 'Something's Missing', Lyft in-house
In yet another cool example of localized marketing, Lyft dropped the L from its logo and all copy in this clever campaign showing its support for Brooklyn commuters who are going to be screwed over when their main subway into Manhattan, the L, is suspended next year. The campaign steers them to a site showing Lyft will be trying to ease them through to their travel woes.


2. Estrella Jalisco: 'Share for Good', David
Mexican Beer brand Estrella Jalisco, along with agency David, figured out a way to curtail some of the negative insults slung against Mexicans on Facebook—by tricking the platform's algorithm. The company and agency teamed up Mexican-American artists to create pages and websites to share as articles so that searching with the words "Mexicans are" on now yields positive terms like "passionate," "creative" and "inspiring"—versus the insults like "lazy" and "animals" that previously filled that space.


1. Payless: 'Palessi', DCX Accelerator
At number one, we've seen a lot of stunts fooling consumers into thinking one thing is another, but Payless recently took the idea to a whole new level. With Brookly agency DCX Accelerator, the budget shoe store brand got fashionista wannabes to pay hundreds of dollars for its wares simply by selling them in high end digs bearing the schmancy moniker, Palessi.


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