The Top 5 creative holiday brand ideas you need to know about now

A kitschy tradition gets meaningful, presents get more 'human' and more

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Dec 17, 2018

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5. Ikea: 'Disconnect to Connect', MRM/McCann Spain
Ikea Spain and MRM/McCann served up a shocking reminder of how detached we've become from the real world with this film showing how a family knows so much about what's going on in the digital-sphere--but so very little about the lives of their own loved ones. Along with that, Ikea has promised to go dark on social media from Christmas through New Year's.


4. Ugly christmas sweaters make a statement
Ugly Christmas sweaters are no longer mere expressions of unbridled holiday joy and bad taste--they're a vehicle for making big social statements. Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat created gaudy jumpers adorned with truly "ugly" themes--like pollution, sexual harrassment and fake news. WWF created its own too, the "Last Sweater," a reminder that climate change might eradicate the need for cold weather gear altogether.

Helsingin Sanomat: 'Ugliest News of the Year,' TBWA/Helsinki


WWF: 'The Last Sweater,' Wirz


3. Uber's holiday efforts
Uber has gone all out for the holidays. In Europe, it's helping the olds feel like kids again by giving free rides in giant toy vehicles, like a brick car or a doll van. Its food delivery platform Uber Eats has also partnered with Coca-Cola on a sweet promotion that will bring home-cooked meals and personalized bottles of Coke to those who have to work on Christmas Eve.

Uber: 'Uber Toys,' DDB Paris


Uber Eats and Coca-Cola: 'Christmas Feels Like Home,' Romance


2. Jet Blue: 'Go Get Gifted,' Mullen Lowe

Contests are usually big snoozefests, but this one made our tummies jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. JetBlue and its agency MullenLowe are offering a few worthy people a special gift--they're promising to wrap them up in paper, tie them up with a bow and send them home for Christmas--because what better present can you give than you?


1. Anomaly: 'O Human Being'
Screw all the heartwarming holiday fare. Anomaly bestowed upon us the most twisted Christmas tale you may ever see--which shows what would happen if humans switched places with trees.


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