The Top 5 Most Creative Brand Ideas You Need to Know About Now

A bloody good idea, a P&G brand's polarizing move and a DNA-driven prank

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Jan 22, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about now.


5. Vitalant: 'The Blood Line,' We Are Unlimited
Non-profit blood service provider Vitalant and We Are Unlimited were behind this simple but stunning reminder of the importance of blood donations. They transformed Chicago's Red Line train into the "Blood Line," an especially powerful move considering that this particular train has been the setting for some of the city's most violent crimes.


4. MINI: 'Don't Fence Me In,' Pereira O'Dell
MINI and Pereira O'Dell debuted a new spot featuring British singer Labrinth performing a cover of the Cole Porter classic "Don't Fence Me In." Labrinth roams the city street's peacefully, enclosed in the cocoon of his Countryman, accompanied only by the sounds of driving and the rustling leaves. The best part--MINI is dropping the tune as a full-length track for its customers and others. It'll be available for download or on vinyl at dealerships.


3. Ikea: 'Tonight Is to Sleep,' Mother London
Ikea's long-running "The Wonderful Everyday" campaign from Mother London debuted its latest spectacle, and it's quite the dream. Directed by Juan Cabral of MJZ, the spot transforms a night club into a giant bedroom to promote the store's sleep-related goods--and it's accompanied by Ikea's initiative to help its own employees snooze restfully---with the help of a sleep expert.


2. Gillette: 'The Best Men Can Be,' Grey New York
Gillette and Grey New York recently released a film that puts a new spin on the classic tagline "The Best a Man Can Get." Reframed for the #MeToo age, it asks, "Is this the best a man can get?" and challenges guys to be better when it comes to bullying, sexism and other social issues. Reactions to the ad have been highly polarized--some vowed to never use Gillette again while others praised the company for taking a stance. And, when was the last time people talked this much about a razor brand?



1. Aeromexico: 'DNA Discounts,' Ogilvy Mexico
Aeromexico was behind this politically-tinged stunt that asked Americans what they thought about Mexico. Though some had zero interest in traveling to the country--turns out they loved a lot of Mexican things--like tequila and burritos. The stunt had an even bigger twist: the company did gene testing on the interviewees and found that many of them were of Mexican heritage--and gave them discounts on flights to Mexico that matched the percentage of their Mexican DNA.


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