The Top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: July 22, 2019

Papa John and Ford's curious new 'offerings,' McDonald's pares down its identity and more

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Jul 22, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Ford: Pickup Truck Emoji, WPP
Ford recently debuted this stunningly basic new pickup truck. Actually, it’s just a pickup truck emoji. It was pitched by the brand and recently got approval from the Unicode Consortium. Ford celebrated the event on World Emoji Day with this funny film shot in the style of a new product development spot, featuring a V.O. from Bryan Cranston.


4. Papa John’s: The “Beezza," W2 Communications
Brands have been very active in helping the plight of the honeybees. Häagen-Dazs started a high-profile movement more than a decade ago. McDonald’s recently opened a mini restaurant for bees, and now Papa John’s is serving it up in the form of a tiny bee pizza, the “Beezza.” The mini pie promotes the pizza chain’s honey-accented new offering for consumers in the U.K. When they order online, they can also donate to a nonprofit that brings bees back to areas where they’ve died off.


3. Stella Artois: Great Beer Travels, TBWA/Belgium
Next is a clever “recycling” effort from Stella Artois. TBWA/Belgium scoured the brew’s outdoor billboards from major cities around the world and then featured them in a whole new series highlighting the beer’s global fame. The posters running in Antwerp include scenes of Stella ad placements in New York, Shanghai, L.A., London and more. They all feature the tagline “Great beer travels.”


2. Diet Coke: “[unlabeled]," Anomaly
A unique packaging idea from Diet Coke. The beverage brand started quietly testing these cans free of the brand’s name and covered in the colors of the rainbow. The effort, called “[unlabeled],” was created out of Anomaly. It’s part of a diversity push that’s meant to spark conversation about the idea of “labels” in society today. The cans appeared at special events last month, and Coke is seriously considering putting them on store shelves next year.


1. McDonald’s: Brand Identity Redesign | Design Firm: Turner Duckworth | Agency: We Are Unlimited
This one has been rolling out quietly for some time. McDonald’s and design firm Turner Duckworth took a Marie Kondo approach to the fast feeder’s new brand identity, clearing off the barnacles and putting more emphasis on the stuff that sings. It includes freeing up the brand’s iconic Golden Arches so they can stand alone and become more playful. There’s also a new typeface called Speedee, whimsical patterns incorporating menu items, and a simplified palette anchored by McDonald’s golden yellow. We saw the new identity in play in We Are Unlimited’s digital animations that ran in Times Square and the agency’s simple but charming print campaign in which hands of varying ethnicities become the Golden Arches.


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