The Top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about right now: November 27, 2019

Frito-Lay, Apple and Globe Telecom drop big holiday spots

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Nov 27, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Frito-Lay: ‘Favorite Things’
Anna Kendrick’s favorite things mostly include salty snacks in this updated rendition of the classic “Sound of Music” showtune “My Favorite Things.” The in-house spot is a charming ditty about friends, family, food and that one line about geese that Kendrick just can’t let go.


4. Apple: ‘The Surprise’
Apple’s holiday spot for the iPad starts off as a typical tale of a family visit made easier with a screentime babysitter. But the tech does double-duty as two daughters show how easy it is to put together a professional production on a touchscreen that helps everyone remember what the holidays are all about.


3. Samsung & Aviation Gin & Netflix: ‘SamsungAviationNetflix,’ Adam&EveDDB
Ryan Reynolds shows off his comedic chops once again with an advertising turducken that wraps a spot for his Aviation gin brand inside a commercial for his Netflix film “6 Underground” within a pitch for the Samsung QLED TV. The spot from Adam&EveDDB also features some classic fourth wall breakage from Reynolds.


2. Globe Telecom: ‘A Star Wars Experience for All,’ Wunderman Thompson Philippines
Two young boys build an impressive, fully immersive “Star Wars” experience for a friend. Complete with vibration effects, flashing lights and even sea mist, they operate a chair like an amusement park ride during a home viewing of “The Rise of Skywalker.” Only when it’s all over does the spot from Wunderman Thompson Philippines reveal what’s really going on, and it’s worth the wait.


1. Squarespace & Sesame Workshop: ‘Oscar the Grouch’
Squarespace celebrates the 50th anniversary of “Sesame Street” this month with the tale of one monster who just wants to be left alone. When his trash piles are mistaken for modern art, Oscar the Grouch skyrockets to fame as a misunderstood, misanthropic genius. It turns out one must always suffer for their art, and that’s right up Oscar’s alley.


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Nov 27, 2019

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