The Creativity Top 5 Breakthrough Brand Ideas You Need to Know About Now

An introspective look at agencies and bias, an escape for hoarders and works of art get utterly domestic.

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Oct 08, 2018

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Welcome to the Creativity Top 5. These are the most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Bgon "Junkman," Feast Interactive
This delightful short film from Feast Interactive tells the story of a guy with a serious hoarding problem. But his life gets a whole let less cluttered, thanks to his patient and dedicated girlfriend ... and a handy app called Bgon.

4. UNICEF: 'Stop the Silence', VMLY&R
It's likely that lots of dastardly villains dropped by New York Comic Con this year, but this one was truly frightening. Because he's real. VMLY&R worked with UNICEF and Comics Uniting Nations to create a comic book featuring "The Silence," an evil entity who embodies the fear felt by victims of bullying. The campaign is asking children to come up with a new hero to defeat The Silence. The winner will be announced on Dec. 10, Human Rights Day, and will then get to team up with creatives on a new comic book showing their hero defeating the bad guy.

3. Burger King "Blank Whopper", David, Sao Paulo
In Brazil, all citizens are required to vote—but apathy still runs amok because people can simply cast blank ballots. In time for the country's presidential election, Burger King wanted to call out this lack of engagement by passing out "blank" Whoppers: burgers that had no toppings, or maybe just a bit of mayo—to show what happens when their sandwiches are chosen by someone else. There's still time for the fast feeder to replicate the stunt in the U.S., ahead of the midterms.

2. Oberland: 'Nothing Changes If We Don't'
Agency Oberland is doing its part to tackle bias of all kinds in the industry with a campaign shining a light on everyday moments of discrimination. The ongoing effort so far consists of two films that highlight bias in typical agency world scenarios—like a casting session and a job interview. They're inspired by the real-life experiences of Oberland staffers.

1. Samsung: 'Modern Masterpieces', Taylor Herring
In these dark times, it's nice to see a campaign that brings a smile to your day--and for a product as mundane as a washing machine. In the U.K., PR agency Taylor Herring called attention to Samsung's QuickDrive washer in reimagined versions of iconic sculptures, Michelangelo's David and Rodin's The Thinker, who become utterly domestic as they wait for their clothes to get clean.

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