The Top 5 Creative Brand Ideas You Need to Know About Right Now: September 3, 2019

A compelling new way to save the planet, a car brand's unusual product placement and more

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Sep 03, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Spotify: ‘Let the Song Play,' In-House
At number five, Spotify has a reputation for skillfully turning consumer insight into attention grabbing campaigns, whether it’s in data-driven outdoor ads or in this funny new film, based on that moment when you’re in your car and the whole world has to stop until your favorite song comes to an end.


4. Ford: ‘No-Squeak Broadcast,' GTB: Brasil
At number four is this way out-of-the-box product placement idea from Ford and GTB Brasil. During the recent finals of the Brazilian Basketball League, the automaker teamed up with Fox Sports and ESPN to remove the sound of sneaker squeaks for an entire minute every quarter of each game. At that time, the announcer stepped in to plug Ford Ecosport’s special tech that prevents cars from skidding in the streets.


3. Nike China: ‘Dumpling Man,' 'Milk Farmer,' 'Teacher,' Wieden & Kennedy, Shanghai
At number three, Nike and Wieden & Kennedy are experts in creating big, powerful stories celebrating athletes rising to the challenge. But this campaign for the Chinese market takes a refreshingly weird and curious turn. The trio of spots, directed by The Malloys, pinpoints the source of China’s inferiority complex when it comes to basketball--the most popular sport in the country. And it has nothing to do with training or perseverance.


2. Doritos: ‘Anti-Ad,’ Goodby Silverstein & Partners
At number two, Doritos follows a growing line of companies like Nike, McDonald’s and more, who are willing to bank on just a symbol to represent their brands. In this case, Frito-Lay is relying on a mere shape, a triangle, to stand for the popular chip in a completely logo-free and name-free campaign from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


1. Pornhub: ‘Dirtiest Porn Ever,’ Officer & Gentleman
And at number one, if governments, scientists or activists aren’t going to save our planet, there’s always porn. Following its efforts to help save the honeybees, Pornhub is now trying to clean up our oceans with the “Dirtiest Porn Ever.” The new XXX-rated film starring popular amateur adult entertainers Leolulu is available to watch for free on Pornhub, but those who do watch it will also get advice on preventing pollution of our seas. For every view, Pornhub will donate to a non-profit that’s working to clean up plastic waste.


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