The Top 5 most creative brand ideas you need to know about right now

A 'monument' to men who do chores; another pee-activated campaign

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Apr 29, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Bru: Social Plates, Happiness Brussels
Broadcasting your food on social media seems to be a basic part of dining these days, but mineral water brand Bru and agency Happiness Brussels want to help shift people’s focus back to their dinner partners with this new dishware that discourages Instagramming their meal. The pattern on the plates is embedded with QR codes that automatically send a message to diners taking shots--it reminds them to “enjoy your dining companions as well.”


4. Snoop Dogg: Pounds, Pentagram
Bongs and water pipes just went high end with Snoop Dogg’s new brand Pounds, designed by none other than Pentagram. The new suite of products has an appropriately high-flying theme--with pipes featuring galactic names like Rocketship and Mothership. And they all come in luxe collectors’ boxes with a “flight guide” to help users along on their journey to new heights.


3. Ayudin: Almost Monument, FCB Mexico
Following in the footsteps of “Fearless Girl,” Clorox cleaning brand Ayudin has debuted its own art installation--one that addresses the gender gap in household chores. FCB Mexico created the sculptures, on display in the center of Buenos Aires in Argentina. They play off the local sarcastic expression that when men do chores, they “deserve a monument.” This monument, however, indicates how much less they do overall compared to women, reflected in the big chunks cut out from their bodies.


2. Vienna Tourist Board: Siri and Alexa Marry, Serviceplan,
Humanity might be one of the hardest things to inject into A.I., but this campaign for the Vienna Tourist Board does just that. Working with agencies Serviceplan and, to promote the city as an LGBTQ+ destination ahead of Europride, it held a same-sex wedding between the most famous names in voice technology--Siri and Alexa. The campaign involved programming Apple and Amazon’s smart speakers to speak to exchange vows at a real ceremony in Belvedere Castle. In attendance were Austrian LGBTQ+ celebrities, who got surprisingly emotional during the event.


1. Purina: Street Vet, McCann Paris
Peeing on ads is not a new thing. Ikea famously created a print ad that doubled as a pregnancy test. But now Purina is asking pups to go number one all over its billboards as a way to check the status of their health. The campaign from McCann Paris uses pheromones to attract dogs get them to pee at the foot of the outdoor displays, which then run a series of tests for health problems. The digital screens will then recommend a Purina diet or encourage pet owners to take their pups to get checked at the vet.


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