The Top 5 creative brand ideas you need to know about now

Nike's curious new drop, a soda brings inclusivity to other brands

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May 28, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly rundown of the Top 5 most innovative brand ideas you need to know about right now.

5. Jimmy John’s: Vin de Sandwich, WorkinProgress
Jimmy John’s just debuted its “Frenchie” sandwich, inspired by the super portable, extra skinny subs you find in cafés in France. In a campaign from WorkinProgress, it took the French theme to a whole new level by creating the perfect pairing for the Frenchie—a new wine.


4. Budweiser: Moment of Silence, VaynerMedia
At number four, in honor of our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, Budweiser decided to observe a minute of silence across all its channels in a campaign from VaynerMedia. At 3 p.m. local time across the U.S., it ran TV and radio ads featuring 60 seconds of silence recorded at Calverton National Cemetery in New York. All its flagship factories also stopped production. There was even a print ad in the New York Times that took about 60 seconds to read.


3. Lacoste: Save Our Species Retail, BETC Paris
Last year, Lacoste and BETC Paris dropped the crocodile logo and replaced it with endangered species on a limited line of polo shirts to call attention to the animals’ cause. They recently followed up the award-winning effort by replacing the croc with dying breeds like the Siberian Lynx and the Mountain Chicken on its store signage around the world. Those stores are also only selling a limited run of shirts featuring the animal on its sign. The number available is the same as those still living in the wild.


2. Nike/Fortnite: Jordan Hang Time Bundle
Fortnite has become an increasingly fertile place for advertisers to make their marks. The game has done tie-ups with the NFL and the John Wick and Avengers franchises. But the latest partnership is perhaps the coolest. Nike dropped new Jordan kicks and gear in the game as part of a new Hang Time Bundle. There’s also an accompanying game mode, Downtown Drop by Jordan, featuring a skateboarding theme.


1. Guarana Antarctica: Female Soccer Star Image Bank, Almap BBDO
Brazilian soda brand Guarana Antarctica, along with agency Almap BBDO, noticed that female soccer players don’t get a ton of publicity in the country’s advertising. So, ahead of the Women’s World Cup, they created a whole photo bank of female football stars so other brands could use them in their ads. All proceeds from the licensing fees of the images will be donated to an NGO supporting women’s soccer.


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