Cricket watching is its own sport in first ‘Relax, It’s iPhone’ spot for India

Prakash Varma directed Apple’s new :30, set aboard a particularly bumpy rickshaw ride

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Apr 22, 2024
An Indian woman losing control of her iPhone on a bumpy rickshaw ride

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Apple’s “Relax, It’s iPhone” campaign rolls on—despite some bumps in the road—with the first spot in the series locally made for the Indian market, featuring a tie-in with the country’s pro cricket league.

Directed by Prakash Varma, whose ad work has included the famous Vodafone commercials featuring the “ZooZoo” characters, the new 30-second spot features a woman in the back of a rickshaw trying to watch an Indian Premier League match. But the rickshaw driver is a bit reckless behind the wheel, careening his way through a city—and leading to a very bumpy ride for our heroine.

At one point, she drops her iPhone entirely. But not to worry—the device has a Ceramic Shield front cover and an aerospace-grade aluminum exterior. So, it won’t crack (probably).


The music track is “Buckle Up” by CHAII, Sam Bruno and Don Electron. The campaign will air on broadcast and also run on digital pre-roll, TVO and social media.

The “Relax, It’s iPhone” campaign has been running since March 2021, when it launched with a pair of Kim Gehrig spots. The ads typically feature characters who are on the verge of disaster, before iPhone rescues them with some product feature that saves the day.

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