Best of 2014 #9 Print/Outdoor/Design: J. Crew's Jenna Lyons Makes Fan's Day in New Print Ad

Retailer's Creative Director Brings Back an Old Swimsuit to Make Fan Happy

Published On
Apr 09, 2014

Editor's Pick

Through next week, we continue our countdown of the best work of the year in TV/Film, Print/Outdoor/Design and Interactive (IX)/Integrated/Social.

At #9 in Print/Outdoor/Design we have a simple magazine print ad that shows how far one fashion retailer, J. Crew, will go to please its customers.

Original Story:

Last year, writer Jenni Avins penned an open letter to J. Crew's creative director Jenna Lyon on NY Mag's The Cut, asking her, in so many, many words, to bring back her favorite swimsuit, a one piece, scoop-back tank style that was no longer in production. Days later, Ms. Lyons responded to her, saying that she'd put out an APB on her request to her design team, and now this week, Ms. Lyons made good on her promise via a two-page ad that appeared among the pages of The Cut. The spread shows a model wearing the suit, with a note from Ms. Lyons herself to Ms. Avins: "Dear Ms. Avins, Your wish is my command ... within reason. XO Jenna."