This Cycle Safety Ads Depicts All the Things You Don't Want to Get Caught Between

U.K. PSA Warns of Dangers of Trucks Making Left Turns

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Sep 26, 2016

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Every year in the U.K., hundreds of cyclists are killed or injured on the roads, and one in three collisions occurs when a cyclist gets caught in the wheels of a truck making a left turn (the equivalent of a right turn in the U.S.).

To illustrate the dangers of this circumstance, the Department for Transport has created a spot that doesn't actually show a cyclist till quite near the end -- instead, it depicts other situations where you don't want to get caught between two things. These include: a grand piano falling from the sky towards the ground; a butcher's knife and a block; an excited kid and a pinata, and two fighting rams. All this gives a jaunty, almost comedic feel to the film, until suddenly you see the cyclist and next, the wreckage on the street -- bringing the viewer up short.

The ad is by AMV BBDO, and was directed by Tom Haines at Bold.