Love Wellness knows women want more in new ads by Mekanism

Women’s wellness and personal care brand, Love Wellness, believes more is more.

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Sep 30, 2020


Women have constantly been given less. From our rights to our paychecks, we’ve been shortchanged in many key ways. But in 2020, we are demanding more in every aspect of life: in the office, in politics, in pay equity, in the bedroom. Why should our health be any different?

Women’s wellness and personal care brand, Love Wellness, believes more is more, which is why they created vitamins that are made of more nutrients, to address more needs and concerns, delivered to be more effective.

To launch Daily Love, a daily multivitamin made for all women, Mekanism created an unapologetic spot that leans into the insight that women want more for themselves in all aspects of life -- our health being no exception.

“We made Daily Love based on a ‘more is more’ philosophy that provides over 25 vitamins, minerals so that when you take it, you know your bases are truly covered,” said Lauren Bosworth, founder and CEO of Love Wellness. “We’ve seen many multivitamin companies take a ‘less is more’ approach, which makes for interesting minimalist marketing campaigns, but doesn’t truly support women’s health needs. Women deserve more, and at Love Wellness we always make sure we deliver, regardless of the product or product category.”

The minimalist movement in the vitamin category has minimized women’s role in their own health journeys. Other brands will reduce women’s health to a one-size-fits-all nutrient list, and utilize the trendiness of “transparency” rather than including ingredients that benefit women and their health. With this spot, Mekanism highlights that Love Wellness’ Daily Love vitamins are more well-rounded and more effective to fit more of every woman’s unique needs.

“Women want more. We are done accepting less than we deserve, and that includes what goes into the multivitamins meant to nourish us,” said Kara Coyle, creative director at Mekanism. “With the ‘We Want More’ campaign, Love Wellness is allowing women to combat this problem and give them the ‘more’ they deserve. We created this campaign as a rally cry that empowers Love Wellness’ target to get what they need.”

Mekanism x Love Wellness also partnered with badass female artist Amber Vittoria on illustrations for the product packaging.

The spot will run on connected TV, digital and social. It is the first part in a 3-part series titled “We Want More” with the two remaining spots releasing in October.




Sep 30, 2020
Creative Agency :
Client :
Love Wellness
Founder and CEO :
Lauren Bosworth
Partner and COO/CMO :
Matthew Murray
Vice President of Marketing :
Aaly Hirany
Director of Product :
Anna Kavanagh
Director of Community :
Kacey Langston
Senior Art Director :
Memoli Ward
VP of Customer Experience :
Amanda Kwasniewicz
Public Relations Director :
Rizzi Stigliano
Communications Specialist :
Madeline McNamara
Creative Director :
Kara Coyle
Sr. Art Director :
Katie Bourgeois
Art Director :
Emily Swenson
Copywriter :
Courtney Hoenicke
Managing Director :
Tor Edwards
Brand Director :
Allison Amato
Brand Manager :
Alyssa Kaplan
Senior Project Manager :
Christine Morelli
Chief Strategy Officer East :
Ambika Pai
Associate Strategy Director :
Dayna Uyeda
Social Media Agency :
Epic Signal
Chief Social Officer :
Brendan Gahan
Social Strategy Coordinator :
Nick Ambolino
Production Company :
Sister Studios
Director :
Daisy Zhou
EP :
Sarah DiLeo
Sr. Producer :
Zach Fleming
Line Producer :
Christian Kendrick
DP :
Maria Rusche
Production Designer :
Susan Linss
Stylist :
Amit Gajwani
Production Coordinator :
Zara Hayden
Makeup :
April S. Townes
Editorial :
Sister Studios
Editor :
Ryan McIlraith
Color :
Irving Harvey
Colorist :
Matthew Greenberg
Mix :
Head of Social :
Carley Gallagher

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