Heineken Brews Personalized Beers for Amsterdam Tourists Before They Arrive

Beer Targeted Young Men to Compete With Microbreweries

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Jun 15, 2017

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In a bid to compete against the popularity of microbreweries, and remind people of its status as Amsterdam's original beer, Heineken has been targeting visitors to the city with individually brewed beers ready for them on arrival.

The beer brand worked with agency DDB & Tribal Amsterdam to target an audience of young men traveling to the city. It mined programmatic travel data from hotels and airlines such as KLM to target an audience people of who had already booked flights to Amsterdam. Banner ads ran in the key markets of the U.K., Ireland, U.S., Germany, Italy and Spain encouraging people to opt-in to the campaign. Once they had, the brand used their name and flight data to create a personalized bottle for each traveler.

As the beer takes 28 days to brew, from 28 days before their trip the participants were sent photos and updates about their beer being brewed, via a chatbot on Facebook Messenger -- for example when the yeast was added. They were also asked what they would like to do in Amsterdam. When they arrived, the beer was waiting for them at the Heineken brewery with their name and flight data on the label, together with a personalized map of Amsterdam created for them according to their interests.

The campaign, which began targeting travelers in February and ended in April, created individual bottles for nearly 500 travelers.