Worship at the Altar of Bacon? Then This Club's for You

Only True Pork Lovers Need Apply

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Aug 20, 2015

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Do you worship at the altar of bacon? Perhaps this club is for you. Danish bacon brand Danepak has started a new organization, the "Serious Bacon Club," billed as "a haven for the thousands of men an women who struggle to get through a single day without so much as a whiff of sizzling bacon."

A funny film promoting the club helps bacon lovers determine whether or not they're worthy of joining, asking, for example, who turns them on -- a hot woman in a construction hat wielding a chainsaw, a shirtless hunk with a kitten or a bare-chested flabby dude covered in slabs of bacon? What wakes them in the a.m. -- an annoying alarm bell, or a whiff of porky goodness?

London agency Isobel helped conceive the idea. Bacon aficionados can join the Serious Bacon Club here.


Aug 20, 2015

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