Watch Danielle Go from Toddler to Senior Citizen in Five Minutes

Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello Seamlessly Documents Aging Process By Morphing Together Pictures of Family Members

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Sep 10, 2013

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We've seen a wave of projects floating around recently that try to capture the fleeting nature of time -- from the man who took one photo of himself every single day for years and years, to the husband who filmed one second, every day, of his wife's nine-month pregnancy. But director and editor Anthony Cerniello takes the cake with this stunning video that documents, seamlessly, the process of aging.

"Danielle" however, wasn't shot by filming the same person over the course of time. Instead, Cernielle attended a family reunion of a friend and shot portraits of her cousins through to her older relatives. He then selected photos where family members looked alike, and according to i09, tapped the animation and VFX skills of Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle to morph them together.

Hat tip to i09 and Colossal.


Sep 10, 2013
Anthony Cerniello
Anthony Cerniello
Anthony Cerniello

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