Better Than 'Machete'? Danny Trejo Eats Tacos for Three Minutes Straight in VR

Action Star Chows Down at His Restaurant in Virtual Reality

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Mar 23, 2016

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Action star Danny Trejo is known to level up the excitement -- and laughs -- with his over-the-top, take-no-prisoners persona. You've seen what he's done playing The Brady Bunch's Marcia for Snickers, for example. But in his latest short film appearance, he doesn't even have to do anything but sit there and eat tacos to get us all excited.

The funny filmmakers at Ganglebot Films visited Machete's eponymously named L.A. taco joint Trejo's Tacos, and captured that actor eating its dishes for three minutes straight -- in virtual reality. There's something pretty hypnotic about watching this guy known for guts-ripping gore scenes peacefully sitting there, munching on meat and tortillas, while a bag of his own branded coffee and a Trejo swag hat unabashedly sit there on the table.

All of this you can enjoy in the straight-up, 2D version, but the 360-degree VR experience is especially fun -- turn around and you'll see Trejo manning both the order counter and the cash register, apparently on the verge of cracking up as he pushes napkins about as if he's looking for something to do. You'll also find him over in the corner, just sitting there, taking a sip of his drink every now and then.

The film was made in good fun, but it serves as an excellent plug for Trejo's cantina, where we have to go. Right. Now.

Hat tip: Slashgear via Engadget.


Mar 23, 2016
Brand :
Trejos Tacos
Client :
Trejos Tacos
Director :
Simon Miya
Director :
Dennis Burrell
Creative :
Chris R Wilson
Creative :
Roman Battan
Graphics :
Tim Feeney

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