Uniqlo's Beautiful Snowy Dance Film May Make You Glad It's Nearly Winter

Spot via Stink Studios Promotes Retailer's Dan-Pan Range

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Oct 04, 2017

Editor's Pick

If the words "winter is coming" make you feel depressed (and not just thinking of "Game of Thrones"), have a watch of Uniqlo's latest fashion film, as it might just cheer you up.

The Japanese retailer's new spot, which promotes its Dan-Pan range of warm lined pants and skirts with Heatteach and Blocktech technology, takes place in a snowy urban square where we see happy, warm people dancing in the frost and snow, not bothered about freezing their asses off. "Skip Winter" is the tagline, and we don't mind if we do.

Directed by Stink Studios' Greg Brunkalla, and concieved via Stink in collaboration with creative director Morihiro Harano of Mori Inc, the upbeat, stylish film is running on Uniqlo's YouTube and Instagram channels.