Gucci Stages a Protest for Its Latest Campaign

Film Recalls 1968 Events in Paris

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Feb 16, 2018

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As we saw with Pepsi's 2017 fumble, protests prove to be tricky subject matter when it comes to advertising. Gucci dares to tread this path with its Pre-Fall 2018 campaign, which shows students clad kn the fashion house's wares defacing walls and cars, setting fires, marching and making mischief through the streets of France demaning "Egalite! Liberte! Sexualite!." Unlike Pepsi, Gucci's film pulls direct inspiration from history, recalling the 1968 French student strike at the Sorbonne and the works of Truffaut and Godard.

It's the latest in photographer/director Glenn Luchford's growing oeuvre of visually stunning and sometimes weird work for the fashion house. His previous contributions included the far-out film that paid homage to classic sci-fi.