What If Bottled Water Could Help CEOs Conceive a Daughter?

Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency Creates Fake Drink to Highlight Fairer Pay

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Apr 02, 2015

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According to Australia's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), research shows that if CEOs have a daughter, the gender pay gap shrinks in their organization. So the WGEA, with the help of DDB Australia, created a ficititious product called "Daughter Water," which is purported to help CEOs conceive a girl.

The water was delivered to over 3,000 CEOs who had not carried out a gender pay gap analysis or are not currently taking action in this area. This funny video about how it's supposedly manufactured (combining old wives tales and placing gender symbols under the tank) is being seeded in social media, and there's also a microsite where people can see data about their own company's progress on gender pay.

DDB Sydney's chief creative officer, Toby Talbot, said in a statement, "We created Daughter Water to play on the ridiculous notion that an organization's pay equality should not hinge on their CEO having a baby girl. Our positional line is: Can a drink close the pay gap? That's up to you."


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