Will Beckham & Hart Make It to Vegas in H&M's Full-Length Film?

More Comedy Magic From the Unlikely Pairing

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Sep 26, 2016

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What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but first, you've got to get there.

Having teased it earlier this month, H&M has now released the full version of its new film featuring its unlikely double act of David Beckham and Kevin Hart on their way to Las Vegas in an RV. The question is, will they make it?

From the trailer, we gathered that following his biopic of Beckham, Hart is plotting to launch a show called "Beckham, the Musical" in Sin City, in which he will play the starring role. His plans for this are revealed to include a massive pile of Beckham-branded merchandise, including a creepy Beckham/Hart doll, pillows adorned with Hart's face, toilet roll and teapots.

Getting to Vegas, however, is not so easy, particularly when Hart is heading for Mexico. There's also a funny scene in which a cop pulls them over, and turns out to be Hart's "biggest fan." Except he thinks he's Beckham. But the soccer legend has the last laugh, as Hart's plans come crashing down around him.

As with last year's film, the duo make a great comedy pairing -- Hart manic and bouncy, Beckham deadpan but clearly trying not to laugh -- and fans of both stars will enjoy it. And of course the film shows off the David Beckham Essentials clothing nicely, in two different shapes. Fredrik Bond directed, for Adam & Eve/DDB London.