Kevin Hart Mangles David Beckham's Accent in Hilarious H&M Film

Fredrik Bond Directs Mismatched Stars in a Stylish Fashion Film

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Sep 28, 2015

Editor's Pick

Having beguiled us with a teaser, H&M has now released the full version of its short fashion film featuring David Beckham and Kevin Hart.

Directed by Fredrik Bond, founder of Sonny London, for Adam&Eve/DDB, it's a stylish and funny piece of filmmaking as Hart spends time trying to method-research Beckham for a biopic while making a nuisance of himself in his New York apartment.

This includes various mangled attempts at his British accent, obsessing over how much tea he drinks, borrowing both his toothbrush and sports car, climbing into his bed and even answering the phone to his Mom. Hart is hilarious, and Beckham -- who recently revealed that he wants to do more acting now he's retired from soccer -- is suitably deadpan. Beckham's Modern Essentials range for H&M also gets a good outing -- in two very different sizes.