Perfect V-Day Gift? The Juicer Is Like Jumper Cables for Your Mobile Devices

It Literally 'Hooks Up' Two Phones

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Feb 10, 2015

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Back in 2012, creatives David Ma and Nick Scmidt came up with a clever product concept, The Juicer. It was a small, sleek plug that would connect your Apple devices so if one lacked power, it could pull it from the other -- basically, like a jumper cable for your Apple tech.

Over two years later, it's no longer just an idea, and it's no longer for Apple gear -- it's a real product that can provide juice for your Android devices. Mr. Ma and Mr. Schmidt have launched an Indiegogo campaign to get The Juicer into full-blown production. They'll have just a couple months to raise the $65,000 needed to do so.

When the idea first launched, they created a super cool teaser that paid homage to the Apple world it wanted to be part of, but the demo you see here shows a product that's arguably not as slick-looking, but one that works, for real. (See more images of the product here.)

The Juicer charges your phone at the same rate you'd get plugging it into your computer and also works off of tablets. Mr. Ma said his team worked the design several times over ensure that The Juicer was compact, light and worked well on a keyring or handbag.

The two years+ of actual development taught Mr. Ma and Mr. Schmidt a lot of lessons, some which steered them away from Apple, for now, and toward developing a device for Android. "We found that it is not technologically possible to share power between iPhones as of the latest model," said Mr. Ma. Also, "in going through our strategist's research, we found there were more Android owners than iPhone owners worldwide. [So] we figured it was best to lean hard into the Android demo to build the Juicer brand amongst their community first."

He said his team also hasn't abandoned the Apple set yet. "Who knows, maybe when the iPhone 7 or 8 comes out we'll be able to make a version of the Juicer that's iPhone compatible leveraging our existing brand equity," he said.


Feb 10, 2015
David Ma and Nick Schmidt
David Ma and Nick Schmidt
David Ma
Nick Schmidt
Manny Hernandez

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