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Aug 30, 2012

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Your iPhone dying and there's no outlet in sight? Freelance copywriter and part time inventor David Ma and art director Nick Schmidt have devised a concept product that makes charging your iPhone a little more convenient if you 1) happen to be toting an iPad too or 2) are in close proximity of another Apple owner. The Juicer is a cute two-headed little beast that hooks up one Apple device to another, allowing them to share power, Wonder Twins style.

"I thought of the idea while I was at brunch with my Dad," Ma explains. "My phone was on its last 10% of battery and his was still alive and kicking. I saw an opportunity to transfer power from one to the other by creating a dual sided charger. Essentially we're letting owners bring their iPhones back from the dead. An extra life, if you will."

According to Ma, the idea is just a concept at this point, but he's already consulted with developers to find out if it's doable. Apparently, it is, but he and his team currently don't have the funds to put it into production. They've eliminated Kickstarter as an option for now because they have bigger plans in mind. "We worked really hard on getting the look and feel to feel like an Apple product," he says. "Our plan is to approach Apple after getting some buzz around the video. Our goal is to work directly with Apple and get this in Apple stores across the world. Hopefully someone from Apple will call, or just steal the idea."


Aug 30, 2012
David Ma
David Ma
David Ma
Nick Schmidt
Creative Director:
Graham Douglas
Mike Quattrocchi

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