Bear in your kitchen? No problem, says PlayStation

Nothing gets in the way of gaming in spot by BBH

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Jun 08, 2018

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Ever since the John West "Bear Fight," bears have been a popular advertising trope, and PlayStation puts one into its latest ad, promoting its "Days of Play" summer sale.

In the spot, by BBH New York, a gamer playing MLB The Show 18 with his friends gets up to grab a snack from the kitchen. But as he walks in, he discovers a 1,000-pound bear raiding his fridge and completely destroying the place. The gamer gives it a quick side-eye but then carries on seemingly unperturbed, only pausing to pick up a water bottle and take it back to the couch. "Nothing gets in the way of PlayStation Days of Play," says the voiceover. You can kind of believe it.

Matt Dilmore at Biscuit directs the comic spot; The Mill worked on VFX, although apparently the bear itself is real.


Jun 08, 2018
Agency :
BBH-New York
Brand :
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing :
Eric Lempel
Vice President, Marketing :
Mary Yee
Brand Marketing Director :
Eric Lachter
Senior Brand Manager :
Alex Gomez
Associate Marketing Manager :
Dianne Segovia
Chief Creative Officer :
Gerard Caputo
Associate Creative Director :
Diego Fonseca
Creative Director :
Scott Cooney
Art Director :
Aimée Perrin
Copywriter :
Stu Rubin
Head of Design :
Bruno Borges
Designer :
Lili Bravi
Executive Producer :
Abbie Noon
Executive Producer :
Sam Kilbreth
Associate Producer :
Olivia Imperatore
Head of Print Production :
Lauren Fertita
Business Affairs Director :
Librado Sanchez
Head of Account Management :
Brett Edgar
Group Account Director :
Kendra Schaaf
Account Manager :
Johnny Skwirut
Assistant Account Manager :
Alex Zadeii
Head of Strategy :
Kendra Salvatore
Strategist :
Dylan Fauss
Group Comms Planning Director :
Darus Zahm
Comms Strategist :
Zack Green
Project Manager :
Cameron Wells
Production Company :
Biscuit Filmworks
Director :
Matt Dilmore
Partner/Managing Director :
Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer :
Jeff McDougall
Head of Production :
Rachel Glaub
Head of Production :
Mercedes Allen-Sarria
Head of Production :
Christine Bellef
Producer :
Scott Kaplan
Production Supervisor :
Ena Nic
Edit Company :
Mackenzie Cutler
Executive Producer :
Gina Pagano
Editor :
Erik Laroi
Assistant Editor :
Danielle Minch
Visual Effects :
The Mill
Senior Visual Effects Producer :
Bugs Russell
Shoot Supervisor :
Phil Crowe
Lead Visual Effects Artist :
Nathan Kane
Production Coordinator :
Mia Lalanne
Color :
The Mill
Colorist :
Gregory Reese
Color Producer :
Diane Valera
Mix :
Heard City
Mixer :
Evan Mangiamele
Executive Producer :
Sasha Awn
Music :
JSM Music
Slaughterhouse Studio Production Manager :
Meg Volk
Slaughterhouse Director, Photography :
Eric Teti
Slaughterhouse Editor :
Roman Micevic
Slaughterhouse Motion Graphics Artist :
Daniel Rodriguez
Slaughterhouse Post Producer :
Maggie Miller
Colorist :
Josh Bohoskey

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