Help Remedies : DC Pop Up Shop

Help for the nation's woes.

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Nov 13, 2012
DC Pop Up Shop

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Just in time for all the action going on in our nation's capital, design-minded pharmaceutical line Help Remedies has opened its first-ever pop up store in Washington D.C. to help relieve the various ailments of our countryfolk. The shop launched on Monday October 29th at the former Waffle Shop, right across the street from D.C.'s Ford Theatre. It will be open for four weeks and will showcase the range of Help Remedies products, along with a wild lineup of events to illustrate the various woes that they can help cure.

The shop includes various "Living Windows" where visitors can view, for example, a man bench pressing boulders to show that Help Remedies can relieve your achey body. Another will show a man spinning around, interminably, in an office chair, to demonstrate "Help, I'm Nauseous." One day, the portal will show a dozing individual, to show off "Help, I'm Tired," while the brand is planning something extra special-and secret-for Black Friday.

"We are interested in changing the tone and character of healthcare, and so we thought DC during election time would be the ideal place to start," said Help Remedies co-founder Nathan Frank. "We tried to use the shop as a base where we can reach out to various happenings in and around DC."

Outside of the windows, the Help team has engaged in other unusual activities. For example, post election day, they handed out "Help, I'm Nauseous" at Republican Headquarters and they also distributed "Help, I'm Blister" at the annual DC High Heel Race. "For about the price of a billboard we've been able to initiate thousands of meaningful interactions with what we hope to be thousands of future Help fans," said Frank.