'Deadpool' Surpasses $700 Million at Box Office, Marketing Onslaught Continues

It's a Meowtastic Monthiversary Celebration

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Mar 14, 2016

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Ryan Reynolds headliner "Deadpool" has defied all sorts of expectations. 20th Century Fox's sleeper hit has become a box office darling, grossing now more than $700 million, and closing in on the title spot as top-grossing R-rated film of all time, currently held by "The Matrix" at $724 million.

The film's marketing has also ranked as arguably one of the most ubiquitous, in-your-face, bordering-on-the-annoying movie campaigns ever, full of clever plays that included everything from a chick-flick prank to a trailer for a trailer, to a men's health PSA and a multi-network media takeover.

So why stop now?

20th Century Fox has released yet another promo for the film, this time, celebrating its "Monthiversary." Tweeted by Mr. Reynolds, the new film feels like a slapdash montage of ridiculousness, featuring a V.O. that recites "Deadpool" about every other second and shots of Deadpool's buns, killer kill scenes and even a cat.