Dove Calls Out Media's Sexist Comments About Female Athletes

Latest From 'My Beauty My Say' Campaign Shows How Women's Accomplishments Recede in Face of Looks-Focused Statements

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Jul 28, 2016

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Just in time for the Olympics, Dove has put an athletic spin on the recently launched "My Beauty My Say" campaign, calling out the media for its looks-focused coverage of female champions on the court, in the arena and on the playing field.

The effort includes this film, presented as a letter to the media. "Dear Media, When you focus on an athlete's looks, you don't see her at all," the ad reads. It then goes on to show scenes of female athletes making goals or scoring points, but whose visages gradually blur as various outlets' sexist quotes about women sports pros appear on screen.

A woman slams a tennis ball over a net but fades behind the copy "'Huge Nipples' -- Pop Culture Site, 7/1/2016." A beach volleyball player blocks a spike but recedes from view behind another quote: "'[Her] ass is quality' -- Pop Culture Site 5/23/2016."

According to Mashable, the campaign includes digital billboards in Times Square featuring a similar effect as the ads and has also tapped former Olympics gymnast Shawn Johnson as a spokesperson.

An accompanying campaign website around the theme "Have Your Say" bolsters the story with some disturbing stats -- that since April 1, 2016, we've been exposed to 34.4 million comments about female athletes' appearance. It invites visitors to scroll through them all, coming from sites including,, and others. Clicking on each will also allow you to send a Tweet to the pubs calling them out on their statements.