Debbie Sterling : GoldieBlox

Engineering for little girls.

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Sep 19, 2012

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GoldieBlox, an engineering and construction toy aimed at girls, is the brainchild of Stanford engineer Debbie Sterling. The brand, which went live on Kickstarter today seeking $150,000 for a first round of production.

According to The Atlantic, it is designed at encouraging girls away from pink and princesses and getting them to think about careers in science, math and engineering. So, it is geared more toward how girls play than brands such as Lego or Erector. The toy set includes a storybook about the heroine, GoldieBlox, which is available as a book or iOS app, five character figurines and a building kit. The idea is that Goldie and her friends must build and create different devices that help her accomplish certain tasks.


Sep 19, 2012
Debbie Sterling
Debbie Sterling
Debbie Sterling

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