Highlights the Diversity of Descendants of Declaration Signers

First Work From Droga5 for the Site

Published On
Jun 29, 2017

Editor's Pick has a message for America this Fourth of July weekend: We're all a lot more alike than we realize.

In the first work to come from Droga5 since it was named Ancestry's lead creative agency earlier this month, the geneology and genomics firm shows descendants of the signers of the Declaration of Independence reciting it. They're a diverse group ethnically and otherwise, even if they are all descended from a prototypical room full of old white men. And that's the whole point.

"We're all much more similar than you think," said Ancestry Chief Marketing Officer Vineet Mehra in an interview. "And we're using facts and data to prove it. This is not fluffy marketing. These are facts."

Of course, making that point on Independence Day in a political environment deeply polarized along ethnic and national-origin lines may seem like a political statement. But that's not where Mehra says he wants to go.

"I am so against activism marketing," Mehra said. "For me, it's not about that. It's just about how do you live above that and just talk about humanity. We're not making statements on anything. All we're saying is look, the facts tell us genetically that we are all very much the same. And we stop there."

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