Thrillist Editors Get a Mid-Meeting Boarding Call in Delta's Latest Friday Surprise

Gate Attendants Interrupt Their Meeting

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Aug 22, 2016

Editor's Pick

In the latest of Delta's GoFridays surprises for hard-working New Yorkers, the airline surprises a bunch of Thrillist editors at a meeting by infilitrating their office with real-life flight and gate attendants to give them a "boarding call."

The video captures their genuine bewilderment as the attendants carry on as if at the airport. They manfully try to struggle on with the meeting despite the weird announcements (as far as they knew, they were being filmed for a documentary.) Finally, in a nice reward for their discomfort, they're handed boarding passes to Bermuda for the weekend.

And, as a result, Delta gets some positive content on Thrillist about the benefits of summer Fridays.

Wieden & Kennedy New York has been responsible for the GoFridays campaign, which identifies hard-working teams using Slack, and gives them Friday treats during the summer. The surprises will continue until the end of August.