Robots Take a Front Row Seat at Stockholm Fashion Week

Tele2 Streamed a Fashion Show Live and Robots Glowed Pink if the Audience 'Liked' an Outfit

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Feb 04, 2016
Democratic Front Row

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The front row is no longer reserved for the privileged few at Stockolm Fashion Week, after Swedish telco Tele2 persuaded three fashionistas -- including B Akerlund, who has worked as Madonna's stylist for the last nine years -- to give up their sought-after seats to robots.

At designer Ida Klamborn's show, the robots, fitted with 360 GoPro cameras, streamed their privileged view of the runway to people who had downloaded Tele2's Front Row app. Viewers could hit a "like" button if they admired a particular outfit, and every time the button was hit, the robots shone a brighter shade of pink.

Mattias Ronge, CEO of Edelman Deportivo, which created the "Democratic Front Row" campaign, said, "Tech has a huge impact on democratizing our society and narrowing the gaps between the public and the elite. Now, when advertising more than ever needs to take a societal stand, new tech solutions will play a big part."

Participants could also watch the show in virtual reality if they had signed up for one of 1,000 free Google Cardboard sets, which have a "Conductive Touch" button through which users can express their opinions.