These Maxi Pad Ads Replace Blue Liquid With Little Red Gremlins

Australian Campaign by Sofy BeFresh Is Latest to Change the Category

Published On
Jun 15, 2016

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Feminine hygiene ads are changing. Roller skating and blue liquid have gone out the window in recent months, replaced by comedy from the likes of Hello Flo, and depictions of real female blood from Bodyform, which last month launched an ad centered on female athletes. A new campaign from Australia, for Sofy Be Fresh, also uses humor, with menstrual blood represented by a bunch of furious people in little red suits. The idea is that they're locked in a prison/padded cell by the Sofy pad, and can't get out.

The campaign, by JWT Melbourne, is running as 15-second digital pre-rolls promoting the product's new Clean Barrier technology, which "locks in" blood. Kieran Antill, executive creative director at JWT Melbourne, said in a statement: "Instead of shying away from talking about the technology, we embraced it. We decided to hero the demonstration and do it in an unexpected way that took itself a little less seriously."