Skoda Aims to Create a Lifeline for Isolated Villages of Spain's 'Spaghetti Western' Country

Automaker Hopes to Create a Modern Transport Service to Connect Lonely Towns

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Jul 25, 2017

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A new campaign from automaker Skoda aims to bring life back to Spain's "Spaghetti Western" villages -- areas of the country that have served as the backdrop for many Hollywood films, but are now home to villagers isolated from the rest of the world.

The "Desert Cowboys" campaign, by Proxmity Barcelona, starts with a film, seen here, which evokes the style of the Spaghetti Western and pays homage to the past of the Tabernas Desert as a film location -- starring people who actually live there. The film also explains that once the movie sets were abandoned, the villages started to die.

The idea of the camapign is that,= if the video reaches five million views, it will demonstrate public support for a plan to create a desert transport service -- a modern day "stagecoach" that will connect several villages in the area which no longer have transport, such as Tahal and Senes.

The VW-owned auto brand aims to extend the scope of its project far beyond Almeria and Spain, and launch it in various markets, as its end goal is to make people aware of the global problem of isolation in rural areas, an issue that affects thousands of villages all over the world. According to a UN report cited by Skoda, over 60% of the world's population now live in urban centers.

The Desert Cowboys website includes a feature where users can propose a village or area in the world at risk of isolation to become the company's next project, and the campaign will go on to include several branded content films that will be released during August and September, exploring the region, its history and people in greater depth.

Eva Santos, creative director at Proximity Barcelona, said in a statement: "Many people are unaware that the history of the western is closely linked to our country and that this region still has a lot to offer filmmakers. Simply by sharing its history, we are helping to build a new present, which is why we chose this kind of device for the campaign."


Jul 25, 2017
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