Desperados' final 'epic house party' has security grandmas, an octopus bartender and more

The brand combined ideas from around the world for the campaign finale

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Sep 09, 2019

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Desperados has concluded its "Epic House Parties as Imagined by You" campaign with a final fete that combines partygoers' ideas from around the world to make the ultimate bash. 

The Heineken-owned tequila-flavor beer started with research into what 18-34 year olds find frustrating when they go to parties, then came up with creative ways to solve those niggles, putting some of its fan-suggested ideas into practice. 

For example, 77 per cent of people find long queues for drinks the most frustrating part of a night out. Desperados' solution? Get a giant octopus to serve the beverages. Another annoyance was over unfriendly security (cited by 62 per cent of people). To combat this, the party had "security grans" on the door, giving revelers a friendly nanny-style frisk-down.

The event was held in London, which partygoers said was the friendliest city in which to party. Other ideas brought to life included special boots that allow you to jump and see the stage; custom-built haptic jackets that allow you to literally "feel the music" and a robotic hands-free Desperados arm that stops you from spilling drinks on the dance floor. All are demonstrated in the video seen here by the real-life people who came up with the ideas.

We Are Pi is the agency behind the campaign, which has also included a party that requires no cleaning up, one that forced you to give up your phone to create a giant light show, and another that connects one small apartment with another to accommodate more guests. Experiential agency Jack Morton has also worked on the project's various events.