This Bizarre Cannes Promo Film Invites You to Discover the Secrets of VFX Creature Creativity

Ad Promotes MPC's 'Digital Darwinism' Talk

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Jun 13, 2016

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A pair of dapper dudes sit by a cozy fire in a luxurious estate, alongside some unusual companions: a giant chipmunk, an owl and a badger. Although at first it appears the animals are stuffed, it turns out they're not when the chipmunk breaks from his static pose to swipe a biscuit off a plate.

The humans in the film turn out to be two senior VFX specialists at MPC, Creative Director 3D Diarmid Harrison-Murray and Head of 3D Carsten Keller, who are cheekily promoting the company's presentation at the Cannes Lions, "Digital Darwinism," during which they'll share insights on how they created notable VFX creatures such as John Lewis' Monty the Penguin and animals from Disney's "Jungle Book."

The session takes place this Sunday June 19 at 10:45AM and will cover anatomical research, animation and lighting, as well as techniques developed to ensure animals and characters feel real while displaying emotion.