Apple Shows How an iPad Helps an Autistic Teen to Speak in This Moving Film

Campaign Highlights Autism Acceptance Month

Published On
Apr 05, 2016

Editor's Pick

Apple has launched a moving campaign for Autism Acceptance Month, centering on the real-life story of Dillan, an autistic teen who has learned to communicate using an iPad.

Two films by TBWA/Media Arts Lab tell the story of how Dillan uses his iPad apps to turn his thoughts into sentences, which can then be heard as "speech." As seen in Dillan's Voice, the technology even allowed him to speak at his middle school graduation. According to his mother, Tami Barmache, the technology has been "life-changing."

A longer film, "Dillan's Path," see here, explains more about Dillan's journey, through interviews with his Mom and therapist, and isn't afraid to shy away from some of the challenges he faces -- in one scene, he describes living with autism as "hell." But the overall message is uplifting, and gets across the acceptance message well, in particularly highlighting that lack of eye contact and inability to communicate are often mistaken for lack of intelligence.