Apple's iPhone Speakers Help an Unlikely High Diver Make a Splash

Latest 'Practically Magic' Spot Highlights Product's Water Resistant Capabilities

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Nov 03, 2016

Editor's Pick

Apple's latest spot in its "Practically Magic" campaign for the iPhone 7 highlights the phone's stereo speakers, illustrating playfully how they are splash and water resistant.

Our hero is an older man lying by a swimming pool, who turns up some stirring music ("La Virgin de la Macarena" by Arturo Sandoval) on his speakers as he suddenly gets up and makes purposefully for the high diving board.

Everyone watches as he makes his way up to the top platform, pysching himself with the music before performing the perfect dive. The water splashes his poolside table and phone/speakers, but of course that's of no consequence as they're water resistant.

The spot aired last night during the final of the World Series.