DIY store Hornbach designed a build-it-yourself chair that takes you right into nature

HeimatTBWA\ and Swedish designers Front/ collaborated on the ‘Green Hideaway’

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Mar 06, 2023
Hornbach's Green Hideaway chair, featuring a growing houseplant

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Hornbach, the European DIY chain, has been at the leading edge of advertising and design for years—from “The Infinite House” to “Regret Nothing” and scores of other wild campaigns in between. Lately it’s been focused on intriguing new products, the latest of which is called the “Green Hideaway.” 

Created in collaboration with its longtime ad agency, HeimatTBWA\, as well as the Swedish design studio Front/, the Green Hideaway is a build-it-yourself chair that has leafy greenery encircling its back and sides. Visually thought-provoking, it’s also meant to be an antidote to modern society, so much of which removes us from nature entirely. As the brand describes it, it’s “a slice of woodland within the concrete jungle.”

The Green Hideaway is the latest iteration of Hornbach’s Werkstück series, which aims to democratize great design through self-built designer objects. Previous Werkstück initiatives have included a collaboration with artist Ai Weiwei that gave instructions for building a cathedral-esque art piece made from Hornbach products.

In this video, the Front/ designers explain more about the Green Hideaway:


The Green Hideaway isn’t just visually and atmospherically pleasing; it also brings health benefits, Hornbach said. A study by Cardiff University found that houseplants not only improve air quality by filtering out CO2, but can increase productivity and concentration.

“In these turbulent times, it feels exactly right to offer a solution to help integrate nature—with its proven calming effect—into people’s daily lives,” said Thomas Schnaitmann, director of brand international for Hornbach.

“In 2023, we think it’s very interesting to use design as a tool to improve people’s daily lives,” added Guido Heffels, lead creative at Hornbach. “In this case we’ve created a never-been-seen-before designer chair that’s really in tune with our modern age. And most importantly—you can’t buy it, you have to build it.”  

Designers from the agency Front/ sitting in the Green Hideaway chair