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What will you do for homelessness?

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Nov 15, 2011
Do Whatever It Takes

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Virgin's new social media campaign Do Whatever It Takes is aimed at engaging young people with the issue of youth homelessness. Created by mono, Minneapolis, it encourages the participants to promise to take a certain action - for example, "I will learn as many gymnastic tricks as passible and nail them!" - if a certain amount of money is pledged. Pledges are dubbed 'whatevers'. Participants can post videos and photos of themselves to go with their pledges and share them through their own social networks.

Read more about the story behind the work here. (Meanwhile, note that for their own 'whatever', mono's partners, Jim Scott, Michael Hart and Chris Lange, have pledged to dress as Blue Man Group and play the bucket drums in downtown Minneapolis during the holiday season if the agency raises $2,500.)


Nov 16, 2011
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