AQL's TARDIS-inspired Wi-Fi Booths Land in Leeds

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Jul 10, 2013

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Those who watch the popular BBC show Doctor Who are likely to be tickled by AQL's new TARDIS- inspired phone booths. The Leeds-based telecommunications company has reimagined the iconic red telephone boxes that are commonplace in the U.K. in a form reminiscent of the show's unusual time-traveling spaceship. AQL has planted 42 of the light blue rectangular kiosks around Leeds. Regular phone booths, however, these are not. Rather, they feature technology quite fitting for their futuristic casing. They serve as free high-speed wi-fi hubs, are solar powered and equipped with touch-screen "route -finders" for tourists and video message recorders for locals to share stories and memories from those neighborhoods. 

For the record however, die-hard Who fans will want to note that unlike the TARDIS, this isn't an actual time machine. 

H/T to the Yorkshire Evening Post.


Jul 10, 2013

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