Dole's Fruit Bowls become part of the new 'normal(ish)' for parents, families and couples

Continuing campaign portrays how the gym, office and dating have all transformed in the pandemic

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Jan 14, 2021

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Dole's humorous campaign for its Fruit Bowls product, in which adults substitute the words "fruit bowls" for curse words and other adult activities in quarantine, first broke last August and now continues to reflect the ways our lives have changed during the pandemic.

A new series of spots shows life after so long inside returning to "normal," but it's the new normal of semi-quarantine rather than the chaotic mess of earlier on in the coronavirus crisis. For example, a father works out in the gym, but using the kids as weights. Mom goes to the office, but it's in her garage. Two fathers plan a date night, but it's been so long that they forgot to call the babysitter. And grandparents find their love life is suffering with the extended family around.  In all the ads, the words "fruit bowls" are code for something else— the kids, for instance—and they all end with a toast, "I'll fruit bowl to that."

The campaign was directed and produced by Wild Combination in collaboration with Spark Foundry, High Wide & Handsome and Peppercomm. Campbell-Ewald, which created the previous Dole campaign, was not involved.

“2020 was a year of unexpected learnings that have allowed us to see our consumers truly adapt and evolve. The second rendition of this work continues to look at real moments: diverse families with diverse realities, finding a way to make it through this normal-ish life as we know it now,” said Rupen Desai, global CMO for Dole Packaged Foods. “Like the first iteration, these vignettes are meant to celebrate diversity, real life and how we feel. All with an appreciative nod to the fact that, as humans, we are resilient and can best navigate these times together, with a smile.”