Are You Brave Enough to Take a Crap?

Invisible toilet brings light to important cause

Published On
Nov 26, 2012

Editor's Pick

Unilever toilet cleaner brand Domestos teamed with DLKW Lowe to create this installation calling attention to the plight of those in underprivileged countries who don't have the luxury of using private toilets. Riffing off the "Don't Miss a Sec" 2003 art installation from artist Monica Bonvicini near the Tate London, Domestos installed a mirrored box in the middle of London's Piccadily Circus. It contained a working toilet, and anyone who used it had a clear view of the public walking by. Those who looked in, however, couldn't see a thing. 

For more interesting work in Domestos toilet creativity, check out Lean Mean Fighting Machine's public potty, featuring a sculpture with your face.