Clinton Campaign's Latest Attack on Trump Is an Arty Inkblot Ad

Dr. Hillary Will See You Now, Donald

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Aug 31, 2016

Editor's Pick

So... what do you make of this Hillary Clinton campaign attack ad? What do you see in it? How does it make you feel?

That probably depends, of course, on what you think of Donald Trump, and also whether or not you get the conceit of the ad, titled "Donald Trump's Immigration Ink Blot" and released Wednesday afternoon on the campaign's "The Briefing" channel on YouTube.

The animated Rorschach test -- a common tool used by psychologists -- and the plaintive, unsettling instrumental track in the video are obviously meant to allude to one of the subtexts of the presidential campaign advanced by Democrats (and more than a few Republicans): that Hillary is the sane candidate, and Donald is the, uh, not-sane one.

The specific message here is that Trump's declarations about the immigration issue, presented via soundbites, are disturbing, despite his recent attempts at "softening" his rhetoric. We hear Trump speak -- "You're going to have a deportation force," "I will build a great, great wall," etc. -- and then, near the end of the video, superimposed over the last of the morphing ink blot, is this message in stark type: "These are his plans. They need no interpretation."

Simon Dumenco, aka Media Guy, is an Ad Age editor-at-large. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.